Kenny Low

I am a well rounded professional & entrepreneur with a full range of experiences working on digital products, from front-end & web design to managing mid-sized development teams. These experiences span from rapidly-changing startup environments to large teams of F500 companies, where I thrive wearing multiple hats in high-pressure environments to get the job done. My focuses include product and technical project management.
As someone who has lived in both US and Venezuela for over ten years each, and someone who speaks English, Spanish, and Chinese fluently, I am a highly adaptable person with a wide range of communication who loves engaging with others to drive collaboration and alignment.
I bring the technical know-how to the corporate structure, helping bridge the gap between business and technical, always ensuring technology solutions meets business goals.
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December 2014 - Present | ACTIVE




Cheersyou is an Educational Technology Consulting start-up founded by four NYU entrepreneurs. We have the vision to change international education market through providing students with better services and better chances. We are a young, dynamic team dedicated to propelling Chinese students into the schools of their dreams. With working experiences in various admission offices in top US universities, we are dedicated to help students achieving their educational and professional goals by providing guidance on universities and major choices, polishing their personal statements and providing interview coaching. Our headquarter is located in New York City, and we have just launched our brand office in Tianjin.

Nov 2013 - Sep 2014 | INACTIVE


Peekbite was a mobile application that allowed users to visually savor their food, order remotely, and pay seamlessly. While the venture was live, my team raised $15,000 from both the Innovation Competition and SLP Accelerator at NYU-Poly. Some of my main responsibilities included the analysis of markets demand after researching and interviewing customers, and the development of business models based on the market insights. I was in charge of producing application wireframes/flowcharts for prototyping and development purposes, and he also designed an emotionally appealing and intuitive UX/UI to maximize user engagement and cement powerful brand identity.

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"Goals are dreams with deadlines." - Diana Scharf